I was in class one day after a lecture. We had sat in the lecture hall when some people started making arrangements for a show. There were comedians present and they promised to give out gifts to people that can wait till the end of the show. Part of the programe was a dancing competition.… Continue reading AUNTY G.O. DANCED TO HIPHOP

NEW TECH STARTUP – The African Architect’s meeting point

A team of student from the architectural department in Oduduwa University took African Architecture to another level by coming up with an African architectural website. The team consist of 4 final year student namely: OladipoMayowa, BadmusBasit, Ajih Raymond and Arudiwe Franklin.Naijapoint met with them for an interview. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Oladipo… Continue reading NEW TECH STARTUP – The African Architect’s meeting point


WHY Why do our heart crave for pain? In disguise of our so called desire, How come we do not see the shallow gains? Before givIng it out for hire. Why do we not see that love? Till we let it go forever, Then finally turning the emotions off Because we noticed coming back was… Continue reading WHY


CAN OBATALA PAY PROF WOLE SOYINKA? The Judeo-Christian God called by names like Jehovah, I am, etc, is believed by many to be the original creator and owner of all seen and unseen realities, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God who combines all the powers, wisdom knowledge and abilities of all known and unknown gods… Continue reading CAN OBATALA PAY PROFESSOR WOLE SOYINKA?

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