There was a terrible accident today,between a 33,000 Litre Petrol Tanker and an Okada. The Okada (Motor Bike), impatiently tried to pass behind the Tanker, which was trying to enter the filling station, right by the gate of the Petrol station. Eye witness account said that there were two Hausa Okada riders, riding side by side, discussing with each other, while paying no attention to the semi-parked tanker. The witness said that the tanker driver and his mate were unaware that an Okada rider was behind the semi-parked trailer. How the unfortunate Okada solo rider fell under the tyre of the tanker remains a mystery. His head was totally crushed, with the brain grey matters splashed all over the ground (viewer’s discretion).

There was pandemonium, immediately after the accidental death of the Okada rider, as other Okada riders of the Northern extraction gathered around, trying to forment trouble. Mercifully, the Police were able to restore order, the body of the dead Okada rider was allegedly taken to the Seriki Hausa of Ajegunle, and the tanker was allowed to leave the scene to an unknown destination.

Most commentators were of the opinion that the Okada rider was solely at fault. And that his impatience is typical of other Okada riders, especially those of Northern Nigerian extractions. May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Hopefully, other Okada riders will be more patient and mindful of other vehicles and people on the road.

By Morayo

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