Cristiano Ronaldo: Can the Beat go on?

I still remember, the thrills I enjoyed in my pre-teen years, watching the growth of tender maize stalks shooting out of the ground. The joy of seeing the tendrils bringing out new leaves, getting bigger, taller and healthier can only be comprehended by like minds with similar experiences.

The fulfilment of the experimental farming adventure reinforces your belief in your ability to plan, execute, nurture and belief until results corroborate your vision.

The accomplished five times footballer of the year; Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be in the mould of farmers who love to plant seeds in fresh, fertile soils and brave the adventure and uncertainty of growth, success and harvest. Basking in the euphoria of his recent transfer from Real Madrid in Spain to Juventus in Italy, Ronaldo completely changed turf and soil, from a perennial winning club to a lesser club where he cannot predict whether his magic boots can singlehandedly transform the lesser club to a winning club.

Such is the thrill and promise of such adventure, those farmers and like minds can only wait, breath abated, for the commencement and progression of Ronaldo’s career in Juventus. Our wish will be that the corn brings forth the tendrils, blooms and grows like the Edelweiss, transforming Ronaldo to the lone-magic-ranger that he can be, and ensuring his relevance and on field demand in the world of soccer; more so that his erstwhile couch at Real Madrid; Zinedine Zidanehas now joined him at Juventus, Probably on demand by Ronaldo.

By Morayo

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