Ignorance has a real face, it only doesn’t show on the face. Sometimes it does and it makes people look stupid. It’s another thing to know you don’t know something, but more dangerous if you don’t know something and you don’t know you don’t know it. That sounds clumsy, right? Go over the sentence again.

We live our lives going about routines, doing the same thing every day and the same way, of course giving out the same result. It’s so amazing to know more, as they say Knowledge Is Power. Often time when I read, I just see myself taking notes or underlining some things I call punch line, they just appeal to me and there I realise I am naive and don’t know anything whatsoever.

There is no Mr. Know All, not anywhere above or beyond. The more reason why you need to grab some books and read them, it will expose your ignorance like broad day light. It is amazing to know that there is nothing you need or want to know that someone have not written about, shocking right? Yes! There is a book on everything except that we don’t just read them. Papers shouldn’t be more intelligent than human beings. The more you read, the more you will want to read. Don’t be deceived, you don’t know anything. Grab some books.

Also, not every book is good for you. People have read wrong books and they are led astray. Someone wrote a book proving against what is in the Bible and say all sorts of things. If a young mind or a naive girl pick that kind of a book, he or she can end up believing there is no God. Others read up occultic books like Lobsang Rampa series, G. De Lawrence series; and end up in asylums. Such books are like doors you can open but never shut, except with Christ.

More so, you will see some things in a book that doesn’t align with your believe. Just overlook them and continue reading. That something doesn’t align with your believe doesn’t render the whole book useless. You’re sure to find something great and better as you read more pages.

It’s good to borrow books, but develop the habit of owning a library.


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