What Fashion Really Is


Fashion isn’t a new discovery. Fashion had been before we were born. We get carried away with fancy clothes, expensive shoes, extravagant makeup and heavy hairstyles; we called them fashion, absolutely not! Fashion according to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary means a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among particular group of people. Don’t be mistaken, Merriam-Webster had only said fashion is a trend. The way they dressed in the 14th century [when the word fashion was first used] isn’t the same trend today, in the 21st century. The definition didn’t stop there, it further defined: a distinctive or peculiar and often habitual manner or way something is done. And that’s it. You have your own peculiar way of dressing, I have mine too, and that’s your fashion, that’s my fashion. Being fashionable is not a subject of how colourful you look, but how you combine your things, and how you love them. Fashion is not when you have a hundred pieces of clothes, fifty pieces of shoes and twenty-five pieces earrings. Fashion is your fashion, don’t get intimidated. Am not saying you should muddle up your dressing. Be sure you’re combining them well but also be proud of yourself and have confidence in what you wear. Fashion isn’t nakedness; fashion is covering up your body. Fashion is knowing what suits you well, not in copying other people’s way of dressing. Emulate decency, that’s fashion.

For a lady, a very vital part of your fashion is your hair. It brings out your beauty the more. Know what fits you, don’t just jump around putting everything you see on your head. I saw a lady who fixed a blue hair, and she looked like she tied a blue scarf. Some colours are to the extreme, use decent colours and especially the one that looks good on you.

For a man, an important part of your fashion is your pant (trouser). Never take it for granted. I’ve seen two extremes; some men wears too big atrouser, enough to accommodate two people at a time. No matter what kind shirt you wear on it, you end up looking unfit. The other extreme is men wearing too tight a pant. It doesn’t look good, some will wonder if you stole it from your younger brother. Let your pant and shirt be smart but not tight.


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