Marthin Luther King said “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” A lady will tell you, “I’ve found true love,” and then you become inquisitive as to knowing what she means by true love, then you hear; “He calls me ten times a day, he buys me gifts, he just loves me, am in love.”

Why then do relationships falter by the day, and divorce papers are issued every hour to married couples. Why can’t calls and gifts give a strong bond to the relationship? That is because, a true love is not justified by them.

What then is true love? If you love a woman, you’d definitely give to her and always desiring to see her, but true love is your action or reaction when your partner fails you, disappoint, offend you and break your heart. Your ability to forgive and move on is the measure of how much you love the person, because you don’t want to lose someone you claim to love.

What is trending in the world today is lust and not love. Whereby we just enjoy ourselves, fulfill our sexual desires, get tired and break up; off to another girl. And this goes on and on. Some believe that when you love someone that is when you will sleep with him or her, capital NO. If that is the case, then prostitutes have fallen in love with so many clients. And I doubt if you can love two people at the same time, the one you love more is the one you truly love.

Some people also justify true love on the basis of beauty. They say ‘Love at first sight.’ Excuse me, you are only attracted to the person on the platform of what you see. May be her accent, her dress, her beauty and carriage. Have you seen anyone having a ‘Love at first sight’ syndrome to a mad woman? No! Because there is nothing attracting you to her because you’re sane.

The lady you proved to love at first sight, if you get to know she is positive to HIV, do you still continue to love her? Love is a powerful force that embrace despite obstacles and offense. Love is true in itself, we don’t have to call it true love.

Omolere Precious

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