Superhero is a type of heroic stock character who possesses supernatural powers and habitually dedicated to fighting crimes and protecting the public. Talking of Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, Wonder woman, Flash, Iron man, Green arrow, Firestorm, Hawkman. They all are unique in what they do. It gets more interesting when they all feature together especially in The Avengers, it’s dope and awesome.

It’s no news that superheroes are not real. They are simply fictitious. They are human beings like us and there is nothing real to their powers. But there is something real to them that everyone should take cognizance of. And that is their unique personality and incomparable roles.

All human has a hero in herself. It is when this hero is unleashed that one can live like a superhero and living a fulfilled life. Spider-man doesn’t have the capacity of Flash. And so are you, you carry what is unique and peculiar to you. There is only one you. Until we start taking live seriously and get committed to that unique gift, we will only end up like Barry Allen and not Flash. Discovering one’s gift shouldn’t take years to discover, it’s what you have in there, it’s what you love.

Don’t just live like a being, live like a human being, a superhero. A superhero is one who has discovered his gift and live his life blessing lives with it and getting blessed thereby. The American superheroes are not real but you are real because there is a hero inside of you.

Don’t forget that there are haters and beefers out there. They are standing to discourage you by all means. They tell you “You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you can’t get enough money.”Don’t quit, instead, prove to them that you have faith that you can become whatever you want to become not minding all odds.

Don’t look at those that have given up or fell flat on their way to fulfilling their dreams. But rather look at those that are at the top, know that they have got no two heads nor are they more fortunate.


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