This is a world where everything is ten times faster than before. You don’t have to wait for months before sending a letter, you’re just an SMS away. You can’t start trekking from Jordan to Samaria when there are automobiles, jets, planes etc. It has really become better and it’s really enjoyable.

Now that everything is done in a flash. People want to get money in flash, buy cars in a flash, get engaged in a flash, get married in a flash even give birth in a flash without having to wait for nine months. This kind of approach to life has caused so much set back in people’s life because people would do all sorts of things or evil things to get all these things. It has led to so much theft, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping and more. If they eventually get a fortune, which is quite unfortunate because such fortune does not last.

What then is required of a man or woman? Think! You want to have wealth or any other good things, just remember or know that anything good doesn’t come easy. Now, think about a good way to get what you want. Do you want to use your gifts, or learn a skill or go to school or venture into a business, you have to think about it and then, act. Do not rush into anything but don’t walk like a snail either. Don’t just get married in a rush because age is no longer on your side. Bo Bennett said “Think before you act and act on what you believe.”

Furthermore, the art of waiting or patience is a virtue that everyone must possess because things will not always happen as fast as we wish it should. Because it is taking time doesn’t mean it’s not coming, you just have to wait for it. Joyce Meyer also said “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” True patience indeed is what Meyer has just said, while waiting, are you complaining or still trying to see if there be another shortcut. Just know that shortcut is not always short.

Another thing is thinking before speaking, most especially when you’re angry. You will say things that you might regret. Take life easy and simple, think well and act well.


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