If truth has a colour, it must be white, pure white. Truth has no dark sides, it has no tricks. It’s straight forward and downright pure. Saying it and being at the receiving end is where the problem now lies. In order to get things manipulated and get away with evil, people lie. In order not to offend a friend or an associate, people spare the truth.

Life gets messy when everything or maybe few things are built on the sand of lies. It has ruined so many relationships and many homes have been destroyed because someone lied and withheld the truth. Indeed, truth is bitter but sweet at the end. If one will live a meaningful life, one has to embrace truth at all times. Truth is like oil, no matter how much water you pour on it, it will always be at the top.

When you tell one lie, you need more lies to make it stand. And a liar herself can’t stand, because no matter how long truth is concealed, it will always and one day come to light. No matter how difficult it is for you to say the truth. Say it, the peace alone that you will experience is enough to carry you through whatever consequences that comes up later. If your friend will hate you for it, still tell the truth. She will later realize you love her and will appreciate you afterwards. A man that tells the truth is a strong man. Embrace truth always.

A good way to embrace truth is to first of all be truthful to yourself. A life full of lies is a complicated one. It ruins marriage, relationship even an organization. When you know this, it will help you more.

Another thing to do is to talk less. It is proved that when you talk too much, you end up saying half-truth and half lies, which renders your speech incredible altogether. Don’t be too reserved, yet don’t be a talkative.

Also, when the truth is asked of you, say it whether it is hard or easy.


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