The higher you go, the greater your responsibilities. Living a balanced life becomes a thorn in the flesh because everything in one’s life will be fighting for attention. Giving out time therefore to listen to someone who needs a friend to talk to or receiving a long call or being readily available for something urgent turns to an issue. It is easy to say “NO, am busy I won’t be able to see you.” But what happens to that life, what if the person needs you more than ever or at the extreme you might never see such person again in life.

Don’t be stingy with your time. Take time out to visit your friend once in a while. It’s good to be hardworking but don’t chase away all the people in your life. Let them know you care for them. Be there for them no matter how busy you are. It’s a seed you’re sowing, and you don’t always reap where you sow. Someone else might repay you in return and when you need someone to be by your side, you will always find one.

But one thing is also important, you are a million miles far from being at everywhere at the same time and so is pleasing everyone. It is only vital to recognize the important people in your life. Your family, your close friends and neighbors. Work can be demanding, as it is not a easy task to have a good livelihood, man and woman has got to work.

Your family is priceless even though your money is countable. Relationship can only become stronger and mutual if the two parties give out their time. It is not good to envisage emergency but emergencies happen, and that is when you’re left to choose between two important things. A good way to buy time for yourself is to get things done before they are needed and when they are you will have extra time.

For someone that wastes time on tasks, such would find it difficult to balance things up. Another way to give out time is adding it to your schedule, let it be part of your time once in a while to see that old friend or new friend or say hello to that new neighbor, go out with your spouse or fiancé as the case may be. Doing that will go a long way in showing your friends and family that you care and love them.


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