Shirley Bassey said and I quote “You don’t get older, you get better.”

Birthday is a day that you suddenly feel special with the love and merryments received from friends and family. Your bank remembers and send you birthday greetings, facebook friends, both the known and the unknown celebrate you. Some didn’t actually remember it’s your day but thank God for facebook notifications. The birthday celebrants do her best to look good, she takes some pictures, receive gifts and etc.

Only few people take time out to think about life on their birthday. It has become an annual ritual for some people. They only think about the future once in a year. Of which it is meant to be a daily ritual. A place in the book of wisdom says “Teach us to number our days…” instead of counting years, it’s best to count days. It’s Birthday not Birth year.

With all the celebration and fun, it’s shocking to still find out that the same person who had her birthday last year still remain the same. Birthday should be a day of harvest, whereby you review how you’ve lived your life in the last 365 days. The success and the failures, and how to live better in the New Year. Don’t just get older, get better. It’s stupid to be old without common sense. Common sense is when you take every day special as if it were your birthday, but common sense isn’t common. Therefore, make each day count and you will have bountiful harvest in your next birthday.

How can you possibly do this? It takes discipline and a good sense of judgement to be accountable to yourself. Because the truth is; so many things will fight for your time and then you will end up discovering another 365 days has been eroded in frivolities.

A good way to ensure you live each day to its fullest is reminding yourself that you are responsible for whatever result that emanates from your life. Always tell yourself “I am responsible for ME.”And you’ll always have enough reason to celebrate your birthday because there are positive things to point at.


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