I was in class one day after a lecture. We had sat in the lecture hall when some people started making arrangements for a show. There were comedians present and they promised to give out gifts to people that can wait till the end of the show. Part of the programe was a dancing competition. I sat somewhere at the first ten sits with three or more of my friends. People were given allowance to register their names for the dancing competition. I and my friends ought to leave for another programme but the way the show started was amusing and pleasant so we waited some more as we had time. We listened to the comedians, laughed to the funny jokes and we awaited the dancers to come on stage.

Some big girls and big boys mounted the stage until we saw this young lady who was totally different from the rest. Unlike the others, she was on a scarf, no ear rings, long skirt and a simple shirt like that. We were all shocked seeing her to have mounted the stage to dance. Was it a gospel song? Of course not. But why she decided to dance, nobody knows. The MC had said after each dance, each contestant will be brought forward and if the people are in support of him or her to go to the next stage they should shout YES and if not NO.

This sister danced with all her strength, and I must confess, she looked so ridiculous, she was typically dancing as if it were a praise and worship session. Everybody laughed their ass out. And in a bid to watch her dance more, even though there were other dancers that were better than her yet people shouted YES just to see more of her dancing steps and laugh more. She continued like that and the MC addressed her as the daughter of Pastor E.A. Adeboye and a mummy G.O. That was indeed ridiculous as she had made a fool out of herself on stage.

When it got to the final stage, it was as if everyone had planned it so well. The whole crowd yelled NO and our aunty was disqualified. It was fun and I can hardly forget that experience. According to rumors, some said someone dared her to dance and she proved she could go and dance, which she did but ridiculously. I couldn’t wait to get my gift for I needed to attend the other program.


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