Why do our heart crave for pain?

In disguise of our so called desire,

How come we do not see the shallow gains?

Before givIng it out for hire.

Why do we not see that love?

Till we let it go forever,

Then finally turning the emotions off

Because we noticed coming back was never.

Why do we even sit and cry?

Believing this tears is our earthly consoler,

Instead of getting up to try,

Before our heart deeply get sober.

Why do we blame others for our mistake?

Even though we know that we are not better,

Attitude are like heavenly stake,

Which everybody has in their shelter.

Why do we curse and fight each other?

Even though life is in a uniform color (blood)

The prime aim was to care for one another,

But we choose to focus on just the color (skin)

Why is the heart filled with hatred?

Even with its tender structure and composure,

Evil everywhere, this was meant to be sacred.

But now the major factor is its exposure.

Why do you read enough of this?

And still hurt that person enclosure,

Aren’t we suppose to live in peace?

And let our lives in each other’s hands be secure.

Why do I take the time to write this piece?

Thinking am different from the picture,

Saints are born for earthly peace,

Tag me as one of these creatures.

                                OLADIPO MAYOWA

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