Deep Dark Hole

The dangerous side of life hit me in the face

I was wondering why i had no space 

With all my effort and inherited pace

I still ended up in this little cage

  It is so dark and empty out here.      

 Please listen carefully and get my word out there

 All I seek is the knowledge and wisdom to get out of here

 Because I know riches and wealth have a place for me out there

 All I have now are my dreams and vision

Packed, set, ready to go on this mission

But these forces have my clear vision

So putting me in this hole became their mission

What am I to do in this sad world?

Beg? Fight? Cry? Die or sleep and never wake up,

Because sitting alone in this lonely world

Had brought no gain than use my words

So i screamed and cried aloud for help

I ran back and front till my skin melt

Then there was this cool air that I felt

It calmed me down and told me there was no help.



Poem was written by Oladipo Mayowa, a 400 level student of Architecture at Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State Nigeria. Mayowa’s quiet and non-assuming mien can mislead a casual observer to underestimate his intellectual capabilities, until his works are presented and the depth of his musings unraveled and digested.

Dark Hole is melodramatic, melancholic, and tragedo-comedic in conception and presentation of the world of the Nigerian poverty-stricken, struggling and under-achieving youth in the hostile economic, social, and culturally dilating and undulating Nigerian environment.

The author identified forces of corruption, nepotism, deception, fraud (419-local parlance), and all societal ills as those responsible for putting him in a cage and in a dark hole of despair and unquantifiable hopelessness. Yet, he kept on hoping against hope, striving against failure, climbing against the wind of political and socio-cultural negativism.

The tragedy at the end is that the wind, deceptively cool and calming, still ended up conveying hopelessness to the author.

The germane question is: what is the hope of the hopeless youth in Nigeria? Fraud must stop for hope to resurrect and for success to bloom and grow in the life of the Nigerian youth, like the Austrian Edelweiss.



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