NEW TECH STARTUP – The African Architect’s meeting point

A team of student from the architectural department in Oduduwa University took African Architecture to another level by coming up with an African architectural website. The team consist of 4 final year student namely: OladipoMayowa, BadmusBasit, Ajih Raymond and Arudiwe Franklin.Naijapoint met with them for an interview.


My name is Oladipo Mayowa, a final year student of Oduduwa University, I am from the Architecture Department and that says why the niche of the website had to be architectural related. Well! Aside designing buildings and writing another thing I love is technology, am so inspired how developed countries has used technology to almost solve all the problems that besiege them and I think is high time we Africans embrace the fact that the world is moving faster than we are and start to encourage ideas and start up that can make life more easy and educative.


“Alketecture came up with me trying to mix my thought with reality on ground here in Africa, I had study Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the polytechnic which I was not bad at, so when I decided to move to the university to start Architecture from scratch, I knew it was a very though course but the presence of internet as made almost everything simple so I believed it will help but then I noticed that the internet has been flooded with so much foreign ideas that I can’t relate with, most times it doesn’t match up to what we do in our studio, and this is because African Architecture is quite different from the foreign ones, imagine trying to browse on how a sitting room looks like and you start to see plans that paid little attention to ventilation or plans that have kitchen right inside the sitting room. Am not saying this is bad but they consider so many things we don’t have around before making their plans and then we implement their ideas and the output is disaster.

Another things is that there are so many architect but not so many firms but lucky us Architecture seems to be a professional course which makes you an entrepreneur, but how to you showcase what you can do? How do you locate potential client? How do student showcase their works for appreciation, criticism and recommendation?, all this I thought about that became alketecture.”


“Alketecture is an online community that brings various African Architect together to display their creativity to the world by uploading their 3D project, sketches and model. The website has three basic features which is a Portfolio, where architect can display their works, people can comment, like and even contact them for a job. Another feature is the Blog where latest African architecture news and ideas will be shared while the last one is the Forum, where architect, student and buildings admire can discuss on various topic around Africa. The vision is to connect African Architect to the world and relate African style of buildings to the world also.”


“Yes I do, I didn’t do this alone. I introduced 3 of my friends while still trying to put things together and we have worked on almost everything concerning the website together.”


“I will definitely ask for sponsorship and support. It is one thing to have an idea it is another thing to execute it but the most important is for people to actually see it, use it and benefit from it. We want to reach the whole of Africa, organize competition, seminars and many other things. We want alketecture to be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about African architecture and lastly we want to be successful.”



Deep Dark Hole

The dangerous side of life hit me in the face

I was wondering why i had no space 

With all my effort and inherited pace

I still ended up in this little cage

  It is so dark and empty out here.      

 Please listen carefully and get my word out there

 All I seek is the knowledge and wisdom to get out of here

 Because I know riches and wealth have a place for me out there

 All I have now are my dreams and vision

Packed, set, ready to go on this mission

But these forces have my clear vision

So putting me in this hole became their mission

What am I to do in this sad world?

Beg? Fight? Cry? Die or sleep and never wake up,

Because sitting alone in this lonely world

Had brought no gain than use my words

So i screamed and cried aloud for help

I ran back and front till my skin melt

Then there was this cool air that I felt

It calmed me down and told me there was no help.



Poem was written by Oladipo Mayowa, a 400 level student of Architecture at Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State Nigeria. Mayowa’s quiet and non-assuming mien can mislead a casual observer to underestimate his intellectual capabilities, until his works are presented and the depth of his musings unraveled and digested.

Dark Hole is melodramatic, melancholic, and tragedo-comedic in conception and presentation of the world of the Nigerian poverty-stricken, struggling and under-achieving youth in the hostile economic, social, and culturally dilating and undulating Nigerian environment.

The author identified forces of corruption, nepotism, deception, fraud (419-local parlance), and all societal ills as those responsible for putting him in a cage and in a dark hole of despair and unquantifiable hopelessness. Yet, he kept on hoping against hope, striving against failure, climbing against the wind of political and socio-cultural negativism.

The tragedy at the end is that the wind, deceptively cool and calming, still ended up conveying hopelessness to the author.

The germane question is: what is the hope of the hopeless youth in Nigeria? Fraud must stop for hope to resurrect and for success to bloom and grow in the life of the Nigerian youth, like the Austrian Edelweiss.





Why do our heart crave for pain?

In disguise of our so called desire,

How come we do not see the shallow gains?

Before givIng it out for hire.

Why do we not see that love?

Till we let it go forever,

Then finally turning the emotions off

Because we noticed coming back was never.

Why do we even sit and cry?

Believing this tears is our earthly consoler,

Instead of getting up to try,

Before our heart deeply get sober.

Why do we blame others for our mistake?

Even though we know that we are not better,

Attitude are like heavenly stake,

Which everybody has in their shelter.

Why do we curse and fight each other?

Even though life is in a uniform color (blood)

The prime aim was to care for one another,

But we choose to focus on just the color (skin)

Why is the heart filled with hatred?

Even with its tender structure and composure,

Evil everywhere, this was meant to be sacred.

But now the major factor is its exposure.

Why do you read enough of this?

And still hurt that person enclosure,

Aren’t we suppose to live in peace?

And let our lives in each other’s hands be secure.

Why do I take the time to write this piece?

Thinking am different from the picture,

Saints are born for earthly peace,

Tag me as one of these creatures.

                                OLADIPO MAYOWA


Not all Mummies are fine

The fine Mummy carried the fine child

Breastfed her and nurtured her.

Backed her and patted her to sleep;

Taught her fine songs and fine drawings.

Corrected her and taught her good ways.

Fine mummy bought fine linen;

And clothed the fine child in it.

Fine mummy will not eat until fine child does.

She is caring, loving

Takes care of fine daddy;

Fine child and fine daddy call her blessed.




The Judeo-Christian God called by names like Jehovah, I am, etc, is believed by many to be the original creator and owner of all seen and unseen realities, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God who combines all the powers, wisdom knowledge and abilities of all known and unknown gods (angels) in one being: Himself.

The widely held, disputed, tried, tested and trusted (by many) biblical views on spiritual supremacy continue to be the reference point for all discuss on the realities of the spiritual realm of God, Satan, angels and demons: their natures, powers supremacy and originality. 

Prof Bode Sowande is quoted to have quirked that “the Yoruba civilisation gave man his freedom of religious choice and man boasts about it with the words: ‘Orisha, bo le gbemi, fimisile bo se ba mi’ (meaning, Orisha, if you cannot help me, leave me as you found me)”.

This as one of the spiritual pursuits of truth on God, is welcome and salutary; comparing African/Yoruba gods with Jehovah, to establish whether God is within or above the confines of cultural believes and affinities.  The issue of homosexuality (ritual worship of Orishas) is contained within this wider ambit.

Hear the missionary Professor, “………. Orisha says in return to man: “Enia bo le sin mi, fimisile bo se ri mi”, (meaning, man if you cannot worship me, leave me as you found me).”

Continuing, Sowande asserted that “Man boasts of his freedom of worship but he is deaf to the self-assertion of the Orisha.

God created man and man created all religions with each religion afflicted by primordial sentiments, all known vanities and vulgar territorial assertions.

The first attack on the religion of the other person is with the tongue, and where possible weapons of minor or major or even mass destructions are used on the other religion(s).” In summary, Sowande preaches that the Yoruba god, Obatala represents absolute tolerance of all religious views: the idol worshipping Hindu, the human baby sacrificing Satanist, the blood letting ritualists must tolerate the views of the monotheistic, word-faith based Jews and Christians, and Muslims.

It is universally agreed that ideas rule the world, in all human pursuits, including religious cultures, and that reason is best left free to combat tyranny, ignorance, death, poverty and all other human ills. Hence, Sowande’s Obatalaic absolute tolerance of death, blood rituals, homosexual rituals, tyranny and human baby sacrifice masquerading as religious piety and alternate worship modes cannot hold water: if the whole world abhor tyrannies like Hitler’s, human sacrifices in witchcraft and Satanism, humanity must be careful not to lose focus, the dog must not return to its vomit. Most cultures in the world once experienced religious observances similar to Yoruba polytheism, Satanism, ritualism, human sacrifices, transference and exchange of evil between the unlucky and the innocent (the unlucky is set free, the innocent takes the evil, e.g sickness, death), just because the innocent witnessed the sacrifice of evil at the junction of three roads (orita-meta).

All these religious ideas were driven underground by the free worshipping, free believing Christian idealism where Jehovah’s Son Jesus already paid the sacrifice for all humanity, and believing in Him negates all Satanist needs for eternal human and animal blood sacrifices in any form, for victory in any area of human living, be it job, health, luck, wealth, fertility, politics and all.

Many former Satanists, witches, wizards, animists and occultist there be that openly confess to the supremacy of the ideals of salvation through Jesus Christ, having wined and dined with Satan (a real being, a fallen angel) and his demons. As they say, experience is the best teacher. Such experienced converts need no persuasion, having had one-on-one dealing with Satan and demons. But, not all men will be able to go through demonic occultism before deliverance and salvation through Jesus, some may die in transit, others may run mad, most men are simply indifferent.

It is hoped that Sowande and his like would believe the voices of people who have experienced the deceptions of Satanic polytheism, eternal human sacrifices and homosexual worship rituals, and believe in Jesus, the only way, the truth and the life.